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I've worked with more than 100 students of all ages and grade levels: Common Core, Elementary School, Adults returning to college, SAT, ACT, GED, CLEP, ASVAB - You name it, I've taught it.

I'm Not An Agency

I don't use templates or rubrics to guide my approach. The students I work with are not "customers", and my way of marketing myself is not a sales pitch.

When I notice a significant issue, I don't recommend more sessions in order to make more money. I re-access, then develop a more intensive approach. My goal is not to keep a student for as long as possible. My goal is to teach them how to become their own resource - so they can identify their weaknesses and know how to overcome them on their own.

I'm Accomplished

I have a track record that proves that what I do works. I've helped a student with a learning disability and test anxiety pass exams they were completely hopeless about, an adult who hadn't touched a textbook in 30 years pass a CLEP exam, and I even had a student who failed math for years that now tutors math himself.

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I offer services in the following counties:

Orange County, New York

Rockland County, New York

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